Gun Play

Badazzled gun I am a regular attendee at my local gun range as I believe that if one owns, possesses, or carries a firearm for their job, they need to be proficient and safe in the handling and use of it.  I always marvel when I see a group of people at the range as part of a social outing.  From time to time some of the online organizations that offer e-coupons and deals will run a group special for the gun range for birthday parties, male bonding outings, bachelorette parties and the like. I am always left wondering- why?  Guns are not to be played with.  Time on the range using real guns and real ammunition is serious business.  It is not a game. Yet, you see groups of men laughing it up in shorts and sandals or groups of females in tight jeans, heavy make-up, and stilettos coming to the range to play.

I understand that gun ranges are a business and owners have to find creative ways to bring in new customers but it should be with an understanding that time at the range is serious.  Safety should always be the emphasis.  Whether the gun is pink, blue, or black, it fires real bullets.  Now, I am all about people experiencing new things however it should be couched in a safe manner.

Some key areas that should be considered when coming to the gun range are:

• Proper instruction; • Gun safety; and • Minimizing distractions and impediments (i.e. open toe shoes, high heels, tight clothing, etc.).

A gun range is a controlled environment for instruction, practice, and leisure. However, it is still a dangerous setting.  So always remember- safety first, play later.

Be safe,

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