You Have to Wait Your Turn

When I was 14, I wanted to be a rapper. I would write rhymes in my spare time perfecting my craft. I was recently cleaning out some boxes and found a folder containing my precious teenage writings. I sat down and read through the pages and chuckled at the fact that even at that age, I was trying to understand the world, people, and relationships. And now with age and wisdom, I understand a little more but believe that something can be learned from a young lady, full of life and innocence. So, here goes… You Have to Wait Your Turn

They were dashed to the floor. Your love letters are no more. I heard what you did and what you did was bad. But I’ll pick up the pieces of the puzzle. No guy is going to give me trouble. I kept up my guard for weeks and weeks. Companionship I did not seek. Dependent on a man, I am not. Anything he can do, I can top. The men of today will have to learn. You just have to wait your turn.

Loving relationships are about caring and reciprocation. For relationships to thrive, trust is paramount. We all need to be honest. If you cannot be true to your husband, wife, or partner, then be mature enough to walk away before someone gets hurt. Sneaking around, lying, cheating, it is all very messy. When it is finally your turn, and you find the person that you cannot imagine living without, treasure them as the grass isn’t always sweeter on the other side.

Be safe,

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